We started as an idea in 2005 and grew to a business in early 2016, our goal was to create systems that could make the everyday individual into a professional tech operator without training or the knowledge of the tech itself. We soon then realized that there was a larger part we could play in today's world, now we not only create systems but also the tech as well! We are putting our time and research into making this world a better place through tech, we are creating new and exciting ways for people to make their lives easier and more productive but have not forgotten the other services we offered at our beginning, so we still offer everything from software development, Graphic Design, Prototyping, 3D Printing, SEO, Web Design, Video Editing, Database Engineering, Data manipulation, Hardware Installations, Custom PC Parts and Panels, Custom Water Cooling rigs, Training and R&D as well as many other services. If there is no solution currently available to do what you require or if the solution is to expensive, we create a unique and affordable one for you. We make what others say is impossible possible.

Why you should choose us?

We provide studio quality!.


We create unique code for unique clients who cant find anything close to what they need!


We make sure that your site and products are found!.


We design like no other

A breakdown of what we do

We aim to be the forefront of technology, helping businesses and Organizations improve their productivity & profitability through intergrated apllications of intelligent technologies.


Some video works we have done.

To become South Africa's most innovative, technological Go-To in the digital space, using the vastness of the world wide web,custom-designed intergrated software & hardware & other related technologies. .

Some of our trusted clients.
We Create, Innovate & Collaborate